Fishing and Shooting

The prime location forfieldsportsin the Dales.


The Red Lion is situated in the heart of Wharfedale and we are surrounded by some of the finest Grouse Moors in the country – Dallowgill, Stean and Bolton Abbey to name a few.

Why not host your shooting party at the Red Lion?


The River Wharfe is probably the most famous of all the Yorkshire fly fishing rivers and the six miles of the River Wharfe controlled by The Appletreewick, Barden and Burnsall Angling Club is arguably some of the best fly fishing water on the entire river. A mixture of runs, pools, riffles, glides and pocket water lends itself to all fly fishing methods and techniques both modern and traditional. There is no more interesting, challenging or variety of water on the River Wharfe. Fishing passes are available for residents from the bar and reception.